Monday - Cafe and playroom open

Tuesday - Cafe and playroom open. Pensioners Perks - 50% off food

Wednesday - Cafe and playroom open. Preschool Activity in the morning. Knitting Group 10am

Thursday - Cafe and playroom open. Book Group, email for dates

Friday - Cafe and playroom open. After school dinners just 2 pounds!

Saturday - Cafe and playroom open. Full English Breakfast

All other activities that run, particularly in the school holidays will be posted on our Facebook page 'Huddle Stanford'

We have an outside seating area where dog walkers can sit. 

Cyclists are welcome and there is space for bikes out the front.

We sell Barefoot Books, and gifts, cards and wrapping paper, many of which are locally made.

We also have a book and DVD swap and a produce exchange.